South Elementary School Mission, Vision, Value Statement

SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT:  South Elementary school exists to develop skilled and enthusiastic learners who are responsible and caring citizens.


  South Elementary School strives to become a student-focused professional learning community encompassing our families, schools, and community.  With rigorous standards, we strive for student success by providing each student with the support of our educational community and a safe environment in which they can learn and achieve success.

Standards - We accept responsibility for students meeting grade level expectations

Strive - We assist students as they strive to reach their highest potential

Success - We help each student reach his/her full potential academically and socially

Support - We seek strong parent and community relationships in the educational process

Safe - We create a safe, supportive, positive and encouraging learning environment



South Elementary School is committed to the education and well-being of each student.  We have identified the following values in order to guide the policies, procedures, programs, priority, and day-to-day decisions of our building.  We will honor, advance, and protect these values.  In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, we will demonstrate:

Trustworthiness - We will educate/learn with integrity and unite to achieve a
high level of mutual support and trust among all members of the learning community

Respect -
We will treat one another with dignity and courtesy

Responsibility - We will actively promote and support the building and district mission vision, values and goals

Fairness  - We will value justice and honesty in our relationships; we will develop and implement policies, programs and procedures to monitor and support individual student success

Caring - We will provide a safe and compassionate learning environment for students,staff, and community committed to student achievement and life-long learning

Citizenship - We will develop positive relationships with school, staff and community

Last Modified on January 5, 2008